The Dôme, has remained unchanged since 1893. It is a place full of history and emotion.

Architect Joseph Bascourt originally constructed the Café du Dôme in the Zurenborg district of Antwerp. Executing it in a neo-Flemish Renaissance style tinged with Baroque. Over the centuries, it has served many different purposes, including as a police station, primary school, and now a renowned restaurant. However, Dôme has managed to retain its name and uniqueness, which symbolizes its timeless character.

Sophie and Julien Burlat rehabilitated this historic building in the early 2000s. Today, Dôme is more than just a restaurant, as it has become an emblematic place in the city of Antwerp, which bears witness to its rich past and gastronomic culture.



Evangeline and Frédéric Chabbert took over Dôme in 2017. Continuing the tradition of culinary excellence established by their predecessors. As a result, the restaurant has earned international recognition for its refined cuisine. It received one Michelin star and a 16.5/20 rating from Gault & Millau.

Frederic’s audacious and inventive cuisine, carefully paired with an award winning selection of wines, provides a compelling reason to visit this unique restaurant.

The restaurant invites guests to savor each dish in a contemporary yet warm setting, which imbues a timeless history and charm.




French born, Frédéric has worked in many Michelin-star restaurants in several continents.

From Alain Ducasse’s Le Louis XIV in Monaco and The Dining Room in San Francisco. He received his own two Michelin stars in 2010 in restaurant Petrus of the Hong Kong Shangri-La hotel.



Evangeline, the lady of the house, is Philippines-born and Hong Kong-raised.

She mastered the legendary Asian hospitality dedicating over 20 years to the Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong, from the Lobby Lounge to the fine dining restaurant.



Bert, our Maitre d’Hotel, hails from Merksem, just outside of Antwerp.

With over thirty-five years of experience in the hospitality industry and heir to the golden age of classical dining, he has been trained in esteemed establishments such as Divellec in Paris, and has worked as a Maitre d’Hotel in some of Antwerp’s iconic restaurants, including Vateli and Kleine Barreel.

With a warm welcome and generous service, Bert has helped make Dôme not only a place where one can indulge in fine cuisine and service, but also a place where one feels at home.



Istvan, our sommelier, has an intimate knowledge of our wine cellar and menu.

Thanks to his expertise, he will help you find the perfect bottle that not only suits your taste, but also your budget and complements your meal.

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a novice, Istvan is always there to share his passion and expertise, making your culinary experience in our restaurant unforgettable.



Simon, our sous-chef, has been working alongside Frédéric for many years as his trusted collaborator.

With his strong organizational skills and focus, Simon has played a key role in Frédéric’s creative endeavors in the kitchen.



Lukas, originally from Austria, is the grand master of Dôme’s renowned Chocolate tart!

He’s in charge of every cold dish, big or small, that leaves the kitchen.